What is responsibility?

What is responsibility?

Taking responsibility is to take charge of any circumstance that is happening to you in your life, with the underlying belief that you are living consciously and creating your life circumstances.

Stop allowing yourself to be stuck in a victim mentality, blaming others or God for whatever befalls you. Each person creates their own thoughts, feelings and makes their own decisions, so they must also take responsibility for their results.

It’s easy to blame others because this allows you to avoid taking responsibility for your own actions, your own circumstances, your own health, your own decisions.

Sometimes we simply say that it is what God wants, however God has endowed us with the ability to change the way we respond to events and circumstances. Most of the time, we simply do not take up this option.

Any situation that arises that you dislike, know that you have the ability to change it. You can either change the situation itself, or, if that is beyond your control, you can change the way you perceive the situation, the way you think or feel about it. This is fully within your control. No one can MAKE you think or feel in a certain way, it is only your thoughts that create this. And, you can change your thoughts to allow yourself to feel better.

If you remain unaware of this, you will be forever trying to change the other person or the external thing, which will lead you to feelings of stagnation, suffering, and pain. Really, you can only change yourself, however there is great power in being able to change your thoughts. Give it a try!


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