Gratitude is a pleasant and comforting feeling that fills you, and yet at the same time is born from within.

When you practice gratitude, you practice appreciating everything that happens to you, regardless of the results you see.

You look for the positive, the messages and the personal growth that arrives, and you ask yourself: what can I learn from this?

You appreciate everything, even the very smallest thing, because for you everything is beautiful and great, everything is significant, positive and constructive. As you pay attention to gratitude, you grow inwardly.

When you are always grateful you feel a great feeling overflowing in your chest, and you fill with joy, smiles, song and dance.

You value and appreciate every detail, your eyes observe the greatness and beauty of everything that surrounds you and all of creation.

Gratitude rescues you from any negative or destructive thought patterns.

Gratitude cleanses body and mind, is like the spring water that bathes and refreshes you. You feel that peace and tranquility inside.

If you fall into negative situations thank and appreciate instantly, look for the silver lining, and you will feel your inner state improve, you’ll calm down and be able to move forward rather than getting stuck in that negative state.

When something unpleasant happens that you did not expect, turn firstly to your gratitude. Changing your mindset can change your perception of your outside world. It is the remedy for pain, it is who calms and comforts you, gratitude is the one who heals your soul, body, and mind and magnifies your spirit.

Gratitude dries your tears, raises you and holds you until you can see a way out.

Live your life with gratitude and the colors of joy will flourish in you.

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